Girls Summon a Herd of Cattle by Humming

Girls Summon a Herd of Cattle by Humming

Erika Carter

Herding cows sounds like somewhat of an impossible job. They’re big, they’re slow, and they don’t tend to listen. But one lady in England seems to have cracked the code on getting cows to listen.

Through the power of silly songs, a cow herder was able to get cows to not only move, but move quickly! Seriously, have you ever seen cows move that fast in your life?

When she first starts singing, the cows immediately take notice. The shocking part is that they don’t just stare at her or ignore her. Oh, no. They actually follow her voice! The girl, unsurprisingly, seems a bit shocked that the cows actually respond to her. But what a great surprise! Is this the latest innovation in farming? Singing to your animals?

Let’s hope this girl continues her singing, not only because it seems to work, but because it seems like the cows actually enjoy it! And, honestly, what’s not to enjoy about being out in the beautiful open air and getting sung to? Not a shabby life those cows are living.

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