Teen Falls Into A Coma After Trying Ecstasy

Teen Falls Into A Coma After Trying Ecstasy

Angela Markus

We have seen time and time again how one decision can change a person’s life forever. Amy was like any other teen until she tried Ecstasy. That decision altered her life dramatically after she collapsed at a house party in Glasgow, Scotland last June.

Amy was left in a coma and in critical condition, spending weeks fighting for her life at Glasgow South hospital as her loved ones kept a bedside vigil. Recently a short video of Amy, 16, went viral after showing how far she had come since waking up from a coma. At the same time, the clip also shows the devastating effects that the party drug has had on her brain and body.

On the Facebook page, Support for Amy, pictures were posted of the teen in a wheelchair with the caption: “Amy today. Looking just like herself. Have a great night Amy.” Amy’s family has long believed that despite the drug seriously damaging the young girl’s brain, with the continued help of heath care professionals, she can continue to make progress.

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The video has garnered a lot of support for Amy as well as serve as a stern reminder of the effects of such party drugs.

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One commenter of the Amy’s picture wrote, “This is what a tiny pill can do to you. Amy won’t be like this for the rest of her life, she’s getting the best care and support. She may not be able to do all the stuff she done before…if this isn’t an eye-opener for everyone who continues to take stuff…I dunno what is!”

Well said!

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