Bride Helps Someone Propose At Her Own Wedding!

Surprise Bouquet Toss

Bride Helps Someone Propose At Her Own Wedding!

Erika Carter

It’s a tradition at most weddings for the bride to throw her bouquet to all of the unmarried women at the wedding.

Whoever catches the bouquet will supposedly be the next person to be married.

At this wedding, all of the women attending were gathered around the bride waiting for the toss. Little did they know that none of them stood a chance to catch this bouquet! The bride turned away from the ladies to prepare for the toss as the DJ counted to three. On three the bride turned around and handed her bouquet to one of the girls. She seemed stunned at first but her face was lit with joy.

The receiver of the bouquet turned around only to be face to face with her boyfriend. He got down on one knee and proposed to her right then and there. Although she seemed shocked by the turn of events she immediately said yes.

What an incredible bride to share her special day for such a sweet proposal. I guess they really will be the next couple to get married! Congratulations!

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