This Father Daughter Dance Takes A Surprising Turn! How Cute!

This Father Daughter Dance Takes A Surprising Turn! How Cute!

Erika Carter

There’s nothing as heartwarming as seeing a father daughter dance at a wedding! But this particular father daughter dance took a surprising turn no one saw coming!

The two started out slow dancing along to a sweet, emotional song. Little did their guests know that half way through the song these two had a little more up their sleeves.

Half way through their slow dancing song, the DJ appears to have some technical difficulties and the song skips away. But this dad and daughter duo knew exactly what was going on — because under the tables they had guitars stashed away and were ready for what was about to happen next!

The guests of the wedding did not know what to do and seemed a little caught off guard. But in a couple of seconds, they wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off of this dance sensation. The DJ starts playing a complete mash-up of songs that the father daughter duo dance and rock along to seamlessly!

All throughout you can hear the crowd ‘oohing and ahhing’ while watching them tear up the dance floor. The two had these dances so well played out that the switch up between songs was flawless. There were songs from ZZ Top, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Usher, Guns and Roses, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, all the way to Soulja Boy!

Every time the song changed their dance moves would follow suit perfectly — you can tell these two definitely rehearsed this a whole lot! The crowd could not stop watching this duo and neither could I. It was mesmerizing!

This video is definitely something you would want to share with your friends to have a laugh and maybe even give some ideas for their weddings!

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