These Sushi Santa Rolls are a Work of Art!

These Sushi Santa Rolls are a Work of Art!

Jamaica Bravo

We are all about this Santa Shaped Sushi recipe, and if you’re big on trying unconventional dishes, even around the holidays, you will love this one! This Santa sushi looks like a work of art and will serve as both decoration and food on the big day! When sliced into bite-sized pieces, these sushi rolls transform into tiny santa faces!

The video above shows you what they look like and exactly how to make them. This type of sushi was invented by the great sushi chefs over at “How To Make Sushi”, a YouTube channel that teaches you how to make all different types of sushi rolls.

To make these, take three sticks of fake krab meat and lay them inside a sheet of nori seaweed. Wrap the seaweed tightly around the krab sticks, flattening and tightening the edges as much as possible with the flat side of your sushi knife.

Get a very thick chunk of tuna so you can cut a nice arc out of it, and do so. Then with another sheet of nori seaweed, you’re going to wrap up some rice.

Pile a large chunk of it on the seaweed. This will be Santa’s beard. Now take a small amount of pink food dye and use only about a drop to lightly dye about a teaspoon of rice pink. wrap one edge of the seaweed over Santa’s rice beard, then put your pink rice on top of it. This will be the skin of Santa’s upper face.

He needs eyes, so pull off a little nori seaweed from the other end and roll two little eye balls. Shove these into the pink rice so that they are just barely sticking out. Then take your crabsticks and nori packet and place this on top of the pink rice.

Put your now-curved chunk of tuna meat upside down on top of this. This is Santa’s hat. See it?

Then, take the remaining edge of the nori seaweed that goes under Santa’s beard, and carefully, but firmly, wrap it around all the ingredients. Don’t press too hard so that everything pops out, but do make sure it is wrapped tightly so it won’t fall apart the second someone picks up the sushi roll. You can either keep making each of these individually, or, if you understand how it works now, you can make one very long roll on a large piece of nori seaweed, with all of the same ingredients, cutting in between at the very end to make individual Santas.

Your house will definitely win for most unique and creative appetizers this year!