Learn Why Your Eyes Get Red After Swimming In a Pool — You Might Not Like The Reason

Learn Why Your Eyes Get Red After Swimming In a Pool — You Might Not Like The Reason

Erika Carter

One of the most popular sources of enjoyment during the summer months is the local pool.

There’s no greater feeling than spending an entire day by the pool — it’s what I looked forward to most during summer as a kid!

Diving for toys, Marco Polo, cannonballs, seeing how long you can hold your breath under water — the fun is endless!

Lucky for us, summer is finally here! It’s time to put our swimsuits on, grab a towel and dust off our cannonball skills.



But at one point or another you will probably get into the pool and have to eventually deal with the stinging and burning eyes that most people have become accustomed to. For quite some time people have blamed chlorine for the burning eye effect.

But actually, it’s something much worse. According to a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthy Water program, the reason your eyes get all red and stingy is a result of all the urine and sweat in pools. So gross!



According to Dr. Michael J. Beach, the associate director of the CDC’s Healthy Water program, the reason your eyes burn is because chlorine binds to the things it tries to kill from your body and forms chemical irritants. So, in essence, the chlorine is binding to the urine and sweat that has been washed into the pool from the people swimming in it. Really makes you want to avoid swimming pools at all costs, doesn’t it?

Another poll, conducted by Travel Zoo, recently asked citizens from the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany and China if they relieve themselves while in the pool. The country with the most people peeing in pools is the United States, at a whopping 64 percent, with the lowest being China at 41 percent. Canada was at 58 percent, Britain 46 percent and Germany was at 44 percent.


While the thought of having urine and sweat in your eyes is disgusting, it has been happening for years and we’ve made it this far! Just be sure to use a little caution this summer and if you notice any severe irritation seek medical attention!

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