The Only Man Who Can Swim With Polar Bears

Man Swims With Polar Bears

The Only Man Who Can Swim With Polar Bears

Patrick Dangermond

Polar bears are some of the most dangerous dangerous animals on the planet. They seem adorable when you see them at the zoo or in Coca-Cola commercials but they could probably take your head off with one swipe of its paw.

That’s just part of what makes this video so amazing. Mark Dumas is nicknamed the grizzly man for good reason. He’s become best friends with a polar bear. They say he’s the only man in the world who can swim with one and not get his head taken off by those plate-sized meat paws.

It’s amazing the shots that he can get on his camera from up close because of the trust he has developed with this polar bear. He’s able to swim in a pool with him with absolutely¬†no fear.¬†AMAZING!

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