It’s Swing Versus Hip Hop In This Incredible Dance Battle

It’s Swing Versus Hip Hop In This Incredible Dance Battle

Angela Markus

The Montreal Swing Riot is an annual event that takes place during the Montreal International Jazz Festival. The festival is dedicated to all things dance, including competitions, showcases, and live music. One such competition is the Invitational Battle that pits Swing dancers against Street dancers. Filmmaker Alain Wong captured each side showing off the complex moves of their genre.

This battle of epic proportions highlights the extraordinariness that is dance. The dancers performed the craft they love in front of a roaring and adoring audience. Though both groups bring to the world of dance a unique style and flair, this battle came with a twist.

The free-flowing demonstration of jubilation and hip gyrations is something spectacular to behold. From the Charleston to the Lindy Hop, the swing dancers dazzled and delighted, while the modern street dancers wowed the crowd by popping, locking and krumping their way across the floor.

While the Swing Riot Invitational is billed as a “battle,” it’s abundantly clear that both groups of performers respect and admire each other’s skill and creativity immensely.  Sometimes a clash truly has the power of bringing people closer together. My favorite moment involves the couple with the man in the metallic suit and his companion in the yellow dress slow dancing to Silento’s Watch Me.

So fun!

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