Turn A T-Shirt Into A Glamorous Fringe Necklace

Turn A T-Shirt Into A Glamorous Fringe Necklace

Angela Markus

Fashionable and affordable accessories are hard to come by. If you want to acquire those flawless pieces, you will need to cough up the big bucks. Thankfully, there are ingenious people like this lovely lady from YouTube channel glamrs.com to show us how to upcycle a used t-shirt into a flattering and one-of-a-kind necklace.

You will need an old t-shirt, scissors, tape, and a sequence chain.

She cuts off the arms and the hemming at the neck and bottom of the t-shirt. Starting from the bottom up, she cuts thin strips. Then she gathers all of the strips into her hand and cuts the entire bundle at the seam.

She then takes one string and secures it to her working station by applying tape to each side. Next, she takes another strip of the t-shirt folds it in half, and loops it around the middle of the secured strip. She continues this step until there is a desired number of strips.

She applies masking tape to outline a v-shape and cuts above the strips. To accentuate the necklace, she adds sequence in between.

I am so trying this!

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