Turn An Old T-Shirt Into A Scarf With This Easy No-Sew Tutorial!

T-Shirt Scarf

Turn An Old T-Shirt Into A Scarf With This Easy No-Sew Tutorial!

Bethany Burrows

I love DIY videos, I used many DIY tutorials for my room when I was a teenager and I still use these DIY project videos in my home now. I think everyone loves a good DIY project! 

One woman at MetroParent.com thought up a really cool and nifty idea. Why throw away those old shirts? Why not turn it into a cool accessory? In her video she demonstrates how to turn these old shirts into cool scarves and funky necklaces. No sewing needed, all you need is a pair of scissors and an old t shirt!

Kim Kovelle uses two and I have to say her result is very cute! This is a project that anyone can do, young and old! Moms this is a great project to do with your teen daughter.

Take your shirts of choice and using the scissors cut thirteen strips and cut just a few strips from the other. Once you have your strips, gently tug on the length of each strip so that it curls under the edges, once that’s done you will stack your strips and then cut through at one point so that they are long. Now comes the fun part! Find something heavy, you don’t want the object to move. Place your strips under your heavy object and leave a foot of access hanging off the end. Divide the strands into roughly three even sections and start braiding! Make sure to take your time and go slow as the strands tend to tangle themselves. Leave another foot unbraided at the end. Remove your anchor and tie the two ends together with that extra stand you set aside. Wrap around several times so ensure it’s secure and feather the ends to make it to your desired length!

How fun is that! And I imagine this would be a wonderful gift as well!

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