Huge Tanker Nearly Destroys a Tiny Boat

Huge Tanker Nearly Destroys a Tiny Boat

Jamaica Bravo

An oil tanker nearly crashed into a small pleasure boat. The small boat was anchored directly in the tankers path, and for some reason, the crew of the oil tanker either didn’t notice them or refused to change their course. The couple inside the small fishing boat were completely scared out of their minds and had no idea what to do!

Luckily, a slightly larger fishing boat saw the potential collision from a ways back, and they rushed to the scene to help out. They reached the small pleasure boat just in time. The couple inside were so afraid and convinced they were about to die, they seemed paralyzed by fear, and were just screaming helplessly.

The men in the fishing boat tried radioing the tanker, but not only was there no radio response, the huge boat still refused to change course. Luckily, they just barely missed ploughing over the tiny white boat, though this didn’t stop the poor couple from almost having heart attacks.

It was a good thing the fishing boat decided to stop by and help, because the men inside were able to talk the couple through what to do. You can hear them calmly and firmly telling the couple they are going to be okay over their loud speaker, before ordering them to raise their anchor, put on their life jackets and hold on to something, because the huge wake from the tanker is about to rock their boat all over the place. T

he frightened-to-death couple does what they are told, and they just barely, by a mere five feet or so, narrowly miss being run over by the huge boat. Can you believe what a close call that was?!

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