4 Handy Ways You Can Use Your Tape Measurer

4 Handy Ways You Can Use Your Tape Measurer

Jamaica Bravo

Apparently, those tape measures we’ve been using all our lives are a lot more complicated than we realized. Thought the most useful thing about their design was the measurement marks and numbers? Think again!

As this empowered woman, who enjoys doing her own home repairs and encouraging others to do the same in her online blog, Leah from See Jane Drill, explains in the video below, there are several subtle parts of a tape measure that make it a far more useful tool than most of us realize.

For example, did you know that the little slit in the metal tab that allows you to pull the tape measure out was placed there on purpose? That slit is actually designed to help us all out! It slides over a nail or screw to hold the tape measure in place so that a lone user can pull it over long distances without needing another person’s assistance!

Leah, who has over thirty years experience in the construction industry and wants to inspire beginner DIY enthusiasts to feel a sense of independence and empowerment about doing their own mechanical and construction repairs, shares several incredibly helpful tips about tape measure use in the video below. We didn’t know about most of these and are so grateful to Leah for sharing them. We love people who use their passion and talents to benefit others, and are thrilled to discover that there’s a hardworking, knowledgeable woman out there, willing to share all her tips and excitement about construction.

Now we can feel more confident about a lot of our DIY projects! With Leah’s advice, we’re pretty sure we’ll be creating all kinds of cool home decorations, in addition to fixing things around the house when they break, all on our own! How awesome is that?!

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