Target Cashier Goes Viral in This Heartwarming Facebook Post About an Elderly Customer

Target Cashier Goes Viral in This Heartwarming Facebook Post About an Elderly Customer

Angela Markus

With all of the negativity in the news, the positivity often seems far and few. When a mother in a rush to leave Target was forcibly slowed down by the customer in front of her, she realized it was all for good reason. The Indianapolis woman shared the story of how politeness goes a very long way.

Bigler and her two young children went to the Target in Glendale, Indiana. She had little time and only popped into the store for a few things. Thinking she would be in-and-out quickly, she got in what she thought would be a short line.

“After placing my items, I look up to see that the person ahead of me was an elderly woman. She was paying for her items with change and wanted to purchase each separately,” she wrote.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.39.12 AM


Frustrated at first, Bigler said she then noticed how the employee was interacting with the woman coin by coin. She had to pause because of the interaction. He apparently counted the quarters, nickels and dimes, Ishmael Gilbert, the employee helped the old lady sort out her payment without judgment. Bigler watched the interaction but then saw her three-year-old daughter watching. Her frustration instantly lifted.

Talking to a local news station, Bigler said, I thought, this stranger, [Gilbert] is teaching something I could never teach her.” She snapped a photo, posted it to Facebook, and then the image began to ripple through social media over the next few days.

Her entire post read:

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.44.58 AM


Target representatives say they typically recognize employees that have gone above and beyond. Gilbert will likely receive a token of appreciation in the next week.

We admire people like him, don’t you?



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