Target Features a Little Girl With a Disability as Princess Elsa In Their Halloween Ad

Target Features a Little Girl With a Disability as Princess Elsa In Their Halloween Ad

Angela Markus

Recognizing people with disabilities in advertising is not a common thing, but fortunately progress is being made in the advertising world. Janine Martella, Director, Committees and Conferences for the ANA said, “People’s perception of disabilities has changed and a disability can be defined more broadly, such as visible or invisible. There’s now a comfort level recognizing that people with disabilities are in our everyday lives.”

While it may take some time for big businesses to jump on board, Target is being applauded for featuring a little girl with disabilities dressed as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen in its weekly advertisement.

Among the children, there is a little girl with arm crutches and leg braces modeling the Disney character’s light blue dress.

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Jen Kroll, a mother of a child with disabilities, posted the ad on Facebook thanking the company while noting that including “children with special needs into advertising makes them less of a spectacle to the general public when they venture out into the real world.”

Target has initiated several campaigns that attempts to align with the change of traditional views in recent months. Earlier this year, the retail stores have changed to gender-neutral labeling for their toy section. It is good to see this company has decided to make that giant leap forward in an attempt to build brand loyalty.

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Let’s hope more big businesses follow suit. Thoughts?

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