Wife’s Taste Test Challenges Leads To Pregnancy Surprise

Wife’s Taste Test Challenges Leads To Pregnancy Surprise

Angela Markus

This is so sweet it is unbearable. Vlogger DudeLikeHELLA is a happy dude. He shares his fun blog while venturing through Alaska in an attempt to “help others find happiness in their own lives.” In this vlog, he is in for an enormous surprise.

Dude’s wife tricked him into vlogging a blind taste test. The purpose of the taste test was actually to let her husband know he was about to become a dad. So, she blindfolded him and put foods into jars. While he was testing the foods, she held up signs informing his audience that a big announcement was forthcoming!

The first jar of food he got wrong. The second, he was right on the money because it was one of his favorite foods. When Dude finally got some baby food to taste, there was a bit of confusion at first. But after a few questions, things really started coming together, and the big announcement was made.

His reaction was precious. There is nothing sweeter than a man who is overjoyed at the news of becoming a dad. His tears had me tearing. One thing is evident, these two have a profound love for each other, and it looks like they will be some awesome parents.

Congrats to Dude and his wife!

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