With One Incriminating Point Of His Paw, His Best Friend Busts Him For THIS


With One Incriminating Point Of His Paw, His Best Friend Busts Him For THIS

Bethany Burrows

Abby the French bulldog was thrilled when her family left her alone in the house.

No responsibilities, no parents to answer to, no pesky children chasing her around…and no human standing in between her and exactly what she wanted to do. She had the run of the house, and she assumed the dog she shared the space with would be on her side.

She went wild! Up on the furniture, in and out of bedrooms, and finally…into the bathroom. When humans were around, Abby was never allowed in the bathrooms, so she took advantage! She didn’t want to drink out of the toilet bowl — that was what EVERY dog would want to do under the circumstances. Boring. Rather, she went straight for the toilet paper.

With no humans around to cramp her style, Abby went crazy! She shredded the toilet paper and made herself a toilet paper scarf and a toilet paper dress. She thought she’d never looked better. Her toilet paper outfit was so comfortable, she forgot all about it…until her human came home.

“You wanna wear that toilet paper all day long? Did you make this mess?” her human inquired. Abby was determined to not break under the pressure, but then the human began interrogating her friend.

“Did she make this mess? Did she do this? Who did it?” the human pressed. “Who made this mess? She did?”

Finally her puppy friend broke and pointed right at her! Abby was busted! SHARE the love and pass it on.