This Teacher Won $150,000, But WHAT She Did With It Blew Ellen Away!

This Teacher Won $150,000, But WHAT She Did With It Blew Ellen Away!

Sophia Gioiello

For most of us, it’s nearly impossible to imagine winning $150,000. The first question most people think is, “What would I do with all that money?!” But for this inspirational teacher, the answer was simple.

Nicole entered a Capital One Facebook contest called #WishForOthers and won $150,000! She wished that all of her students could take a book home with them over their winter break. Nicole then donated all of her winnings back to the school she works at. Ellen was completely blown away by her sincere and selfless decision!

Ellen knew exactly what to do next! Like we’ve seen before, she brings the most uplifting guests on The Ellen Show to give back as much as possible. She gives Nicole’s third grade students backpacks filled with supplies and Target gift cards. But, she didn’t want the other teachers to feel excluded. They also received $500 Target gift cards!

Ellen’sĀ giving doesn’t end there. Nicole walked away with a huge check for $25,000! Watch the video below to hear Nicole’s full story. The way she talks about her students is incredibly heartwarming!

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