Adorable Teen Couple’s PDA Saved Their Life After Getting Struck By Lightning

Adorable Teen Couple’s PDA Saved Their Life After Getting Struck By Lightning

Erika Carter

Sometimes I hear really crazy stories about couples and I get really jealous. Fortunately for me, this is not one of those stories. But hey, this isn’t something you hear everyday…

Teen couple, Dylan Corliss, 16, and Lexie Varga, 17, of California were out on a date, about to walk into a burger joint, when the pair were struck by lightning. The bolt first hit Dylan and then shot through his body to Lexie’s hand, before leaving through her foot. She now has a pretty epic bruise on her foot, though, it sure beats the alternative…

Apparently, things could’ve been a whole lot worse for the couple, had they not been holding hands. Lucky for Dylan, he was able to distribute some of the electric shock to his date, meaning that holding her hand at that exact moment in time likely saved his life.elite-daily-news--800x400


Dylan said “Suddenly out of nowhere, we just felt like we were getting hit over the head and shoved to the ground with a big flash and explosion sound.”



The pair passed out from the shock and woke up three feet apart a few seconds later. Obviously, they were pretty shaken. However, they didn’t let their near date with their maker ruin their date to get burgers. After composing themselves, the two went ahead and got dinner. They only texted their parents about the incident, but both parents ensured the teens got medical attention following their date.

Talk about a romantic spark. 

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