Brave 19-Year-Old Saves Her Father From a Burning Car

Brave 19-Year-Old Saves Her Father From a Burning Car

Angela Markus

The unbelievable power of humans is seen in each and every heroic act. When a brave teen realized that her father was in need of assistance, she ran to his aid and saved his life.

Charlotte Heffelmire, 19, from Virginia rescued her father when he became trapped under a burning truck. The gallant teen hoisted the vehicle that had collapsed on top of him. Eric Heffelmire had been working on his GMC truck when the truck fell because the jack slipped. That led to an instant gasoline spill causing it to ignite.

He had struggled for maybe 10 minutes before his daughter came to help. In an interview with a local newspaper, he said: “The minute the jack slipped, there was an almost instantaneous, real strong smell of gasoline, and then just, whoosh!”

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The 19-year-old US Air Force Academy student managed to pull him out while the truck was still on fire, drove it on three wheels from the garage, and used a hose to douse the fire. The Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department said, “Once the truck was moved, Charlotte closed the garage doors to help contain the fire, then went into the house and got everybody out, including her sister’s baby.”

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The teen is reportedly healing and is thankful that everyone is doing well. Charlotte has since received a Citizen Lifesaving Award commending her for her bravery.

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Way to go, Charlotte!

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