Turn Regular Flower Pots Into This Cool BBQ Smoker!

Terra Cotta Smoker

Turn Regular Flower Pots Into This Cool BBQ Smoker!

Patrick Dangermond

It’s summer time and you know what that means! It’s barbecue season. There are few things that I love in life more than the smell and flavor of delicious smoked meats. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lovely tri-tip or a sweet rack of baby back ribs, a smoker can make anything better.

However, smokers can also cost you hundreds of dollars if you buy one at the store. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make one at home for less?

You can! ApartmentTherapy can show you how to make a smoker for as little as $60 using Terra Cotta pots!

This is what the finished product looks like:51b1ccc174c5b61fe8000910._w.540_s.fit_

These are the materials you’re going to need:
– 1000W single burner hot plate
– cookery gear
– small saucepan
– grilling skillet
– frying thermometer
– rubber stopper and washer
– azalea flower pot with bulb bowl for a top
– Terra cotta feet


First, remove the handles from the sauce pan and grilling skillet. The base pot will hold the heating element and the chip container. Put your hot plate inside the flowerpot. The hand hole on the pot will serve as a cable guide for the power plug. The legs will prop up the flower pot so the cable can be plugged in.


You can then place the grill on top of the pot. You will need to drill a hole in the bottom pot in order to be able to reach the settings on the hot plate. You’ll need a glass drill bit in order to do so safely. A screwdriver can now easily adjust the settings of the hot plate. 51b1ccc5fb04d613000009f0._w.540_s.fit_

Here’s a look at what the inside of the pot would look like.  51b1ccc774c5b61fe8000912._w.540_s.fit_

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