Test Your AA Battery Life With This Fast And Easy Method!

Test Your AA Battery Life With This Fast And Easy Method!

Genevieve Lopez

What does a remote control, flashlight and wall clock have in common? They all require AA batteries to function. Each year, families spend hundreds of dollars on batteries because our common household items require them for function, and ultimately, for us to function. But despite the constant, every day use of these tiny containers of chemical energy, I bet you didn’t know batteries can indicate whether or not they’re worth squeezing into the back of an electronic device.

Forget the meter! He’s showing us a simple trick to test your battery life — no equipment needed!

He first tests two batteries on his battery meter to show the state of each battery. One is good, one is bad. Then he reveals his easy method that surely threatens the longevity of battery meters companies.

He simply bounces each battery on it’s flat bottom. The good battery stays standing upright with very little bounce from it’s drop. The bad battery bounces from it’s drop and falls over. Needless to say, a battery that is ready for retirement will bounce and fall over, just like he demonstrated. It’s really that easy!

So before you spend hours testing your AA battery lives, consider this easy method. It’s save you so much time!

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