This Is How Bad The Flooding Has Gotten In Texas.

Texas Flooding

This Is How Bad The Flooding Has Gotten In Texas.

Patrick Dangermond

Right now, Texas is experiencing some of the craziest natural disasters we have ever seen. After an extended drought, the state has seen a month long deluge that has flooded rivers and lakes, causing people to lose their homes, cars and even their lives.

This is one example of how serious things have gotten in the state. The Blanco River, which runs through the city of San Marcos, was one of many rivers that became extremely flooded. The dangers of the overflows can be seen here.

As this poor woman tapes from her second story window, the floodwaters break down her door and flood the entire first floor of her house. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This shows exactly how serious the situation has become out there. Pray for the people of Texas who have to go through these difficult times!

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