14-Year-Old Is Diagnosed With “Text-Neck” After Feeling Pain In Her Neck

14-Year-Old Is Diagnosed With “Text-Neck” After Feeling Pain In Her Neck

Jamaica Bravo

Whether it’s sending a message through text, uploading a status on Facebook or sending a picture through Snapchat, today’s youth spend a great majority of the time with their nose buried in their smartphones. It’s not uncommon to hear parents complain about their teens’ constant use of smartphones simply because “it’s rude” or “it’s antisocial.”

But now doctors have discovered another bad side effect to excess use of smartphones that will surely add to every parents’ worry. It’s called “Text-Neck” and it is a diagnosis that this 14-year-old received after feeling severe pain in her neck.

Littleton, Colorado’s Sarah Atchison is just a teen but is already feeling body ache like that of an elderly person. Like most 14-year-old girls, Sarah likes to spend her free time on her smartphone. “I always look down at my phone,” making her achy and uncomfortable. When her mother took her to the doctors they were shocked to see Sarah’s X-rays revealing a reverse- curve in her spine.

Now Sarah is meeting with a chiropractor to reverse the damage that use to take decades to develop. Chiropractor Dr. Chad Cotter says that he’s seeing neck pain, shoulder pain, and even tingling of the arms more often in high schoolers than ever before and needless to say, “it’s alarming.”

Sarah’s story is just the beginning of a generation of health issues, but one that could possibly prevent so many injuries.

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