She Lost 150 Pounds. How She Celebrated? I Can’t Believe This Is The SAME Person!

She Lost 150 Pounds. How She Celebrated? I Can’t Believe This Is The SAME Person!

Patrick Dangermond

Beth Beard was overweight and unhappy. She wanted to do something about her appearance, so she set a goal to lose 150 pounds. That’s when her friend, photographer Blake Morrow, got an awesome idea. He decided to do a set of before and after photos that compared old Beth with new Beth. The resulting photo series was called The Beth Project.

The dedication that they showed to this project is an inspiration. Blake took the photos of old Beth just weeks before she was set to undergo gastric bypass surgery. After the surgery, it took two long years before she managed to achieve her goal of losing 150 pounds.

Once reaching her goal, she stepped back in front of the camera and, thanks to the magic of Photoshop, she was able to interact with her old self.

Below are the pictures that tell the story of chance in Beth over 2 years. It just goes to show you how big of a difference you can make to your body with a little patience and perseverance. Go Beth!



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