The Evolution Of The Bikini Will Make You Relive Some Of Your Favorite Memories!

The Evolution Of The Bikini Will Make You Relive Some Of Your Favorite Memories!

Jamaica Bravo

Where did the bikini come from and how has it evolved over the years? This fun, two minute video takes you back in time with an interesting look at how we got to where we are today.

Modeled by America’s favorite girl, Amanda Cerny, the “Evolution of the Bikini” will take you back throughout the decades through the funnest of fashions!

1890’s: In what appears to be more of a dress with ruffled, cap sleeves and bloomers to below the knees, I’m not quite sure how or even if women even swam in this so called “bikini,” but how adorable does she look?

1910’s: The swimsuit became quite a bit tighter and more like the athletic apparel of today. Shorts to the knees and a cap sleeve, t-shirt. Much more functional, but not at all revealing. Awesome!

1930’s: An actual, one piece swimsuit with a boxy, boy short and halter top is what these fun-loving ladies wore. Still no torso is revealed, but we’re much closer to the modern day swimsuit with this classy look.

1940’s: Color is all the rage with this hot pink one piece and polka dotted shawl. If this doesn’t scream fun, I don’t know what does!

1950’s: Things get a bit racier with this yellow swimsuit which includes a lower cut neckline with fasteners. She even pairs with with black sultry glasses to add a little fab to her style.

1960’s: A two piece, in this heat? Yes please! This adorable hippy-floral boy short with matching bra top is the closest to a modern day bikini we’ve seen thus far.

1970’s: This groovy, brightly colored, bikini leaves little to the imagination. But let’s admit it, we’ve all worn this swimsuit at some point in our lives. Groovy, baby!

1980’s: Well, let’s just say we all made some fashion mistakes in the 80’s. I guess girls just wanted to have fun…

1990’s: Clearly, bright colors were all rage in the 90’s. You’ll surely be spotted on the sandy shores with a bikini like THAT.

2000’s: You know that saying “more is less”? Well, that didn’t apply to the early 2000’s. But I still can’t look away!

2015: Déjà vu?! This hot pink get up with fringe looks like it would’ve fit perfectly back in the 90’s. Funny how things come back into style.

What do you think is next in line in the evolution of the bikini?

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