Watch This Man Catch a Fish With His Bare Hands!

The Fish Whisperer

Watch This Man Catch a Fish With His Bare Hands!

Kendall Conners

Fishing can be a very fickle thing. Sometimes you can wait all day with your line in the water and catch nothing and other times you get a bite before you even put the bait on the hook!

But one famous fisherman, who many call “The Fish Whisperer,” takes matters into his own hands when he goes fishing … literally. “The Fish Whisperer” doesn’t need any fancy poles, nets or lines. All he needs are his bare hands.

In the video, this older man leans over a dock and with small pieces of bait and sticks his hands in the water. He then waits for a fish to come to him. Seconds later he’s pulling out a monster-sized bass!

It took him no time at all and he was reeling in a giant fish — with his BARE hands! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes! Usually fishing stories are blown out of proportion, with fisherman telling grandiose tales of the giant fish they caught.

But this is one fishing story that lives up to its hype. As “The Fish Whisperer” says in the video, “That’s the way it was back then.” It really makes you wonder how long he’s been doing this and how he learned this unique fishing technique!

Watch this fascinating video below and let us know what you think of this awesome fisherman!

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