This Matchstick Trick Will Blow Your Mind!

This Matchstick Trick Will Blow Your Mind!

Angela Markus

Magicians have a way of creating illusions for purposes of deception. Not sure if the guy in this video is a magician but he has a pretty cool trick to show us. Watch as he tries to remove a quarter without touching any of the match sticks. Sounds crazy, but he sure is convincing!

On his way to remove the quarter lodged below two match sticks, the man is stopped by a voice in his head, or maybe out of thin air, “Stop you fool!”

If the man removes the sticks, he is warned that the world would be doomed by crazy, manic cows. (Never heard that one before.) He rightfully tells the voice he is over-reacting. I agree!

Now the man is challenged with removing the coin without touching the match sticks. The two sticks are angled off of the base. One is almost straight and the other is slanted off of the coin but touches the almost-straight match stick. So that we would not be doomed by crazy cows, he uses a trick to magically bend the match!

Watch it go! This is the part of the video that you may want to rewind again and again to catch the trick.

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