Baby Just Can’t Contain Himself When His Book Is Over

Baby Just Can’t Contain Himself When His Book Is Over

Angela Markus

Usually when babies scream out, something is probably wrong. They may be in need of a change, they may be hungry or sleepy. This baby bookworm shows remarkable signs of a scholar in the making. The baby boy has an adorable devastating meltdown whenever his favorite pastime seems to come to the end.

Reading to infants contributes to the development of their growing brains and gives them a good start towards a lifelong love of reading and good literature. According to Baby Center, when you read to babies, it can also help speech development as they are taking in information and beginning to learn about speech patterns.

The Saddest Bookworm chronicles two parents filming one another reading books to their son. He intently listens and watches as the book is read to him. However, when his parents finish the last page and say, “The end,” the little one┬ábursts into tears and is seemingly inconsolable.

And the only way to stop his tears? Read the book again. The cure doesn’t hold for long, however, because when his mom says ‘The end’ again, she is graced with more screams.

What else is mom to do but shrug her shoulders and laugh when her booklover starts crying? Both parents know there’s no solution but to keep reading to him.

His future is a bright one.

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