The Woof Washer Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Dogs

The Woof Washer Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Dogs

Jamaica Bravo

You take your dog for a walk and before you know it, he’s filthy! No need to dread cleaning the little guy. There’s a new product in town that makes washing your dog a sinch!

The Woof Washer 360 is a brand new hula hoop shaped device that claims to let you wash your pup from snout to wiggly-bum in a few sweeping motions. The device has a number of sprayers that spray water on your dog from all angles, and comes with a reservoir that you can fill with the doggy shampoo of your choice.

The Woof Washer has two settings. The first setting is simply adding water to spray your dog’s coat. The second setting is to flip a switch on the handle, allowing dog shampoo in the reservoir to mix with the water spray and create a sudsy bubble mix that cleans your dog’s coat hands free!

When you see just how easy it is to wash your dog with the Woof Washer, you’re going to want one for yourself!

They make two separate devices, one for little dogs, under 25lbs, and one for larger dogs over 25lbs. No need for the little pups to be left out!

This invention might look crazy, but I guarantee, once dog lovers get their hands on one of these, it’ll be the next big thing!

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