These 25 Cleaning Hacks Will Change The Way You Clean Forever!

These 25 Cleaning Hacks Will Change The Way You Clean Forever!

Angela Markus

Hate it or love it, cleaning our homes is something we must all do. There are so many more interesting things that we could be doing with our time, right? And the annoying thing is that when you clean something, it just gets dirty all over again. Cleaning is a horrible, boring, thankless task, but you know what’s worse than cleaning? Not cleaning, or coming home from a long day to a house that is filthy. But now there is no need to worry! Here are some neat cleaning hacks that’s going to change the way you look at cleaning!

Is your home dusty? Then use dryer sheets, it cleans and protects surfaces too. Vinegar has many uses. You can use it to clean your shower head or one of the pots that seem almost impossible to scrub clean, or even your dishwasher.

Bet you did not know that grapefruit could help with your clean up. Coupled with some salt, your bathroom would be both clean and citrusy fresh. Now that its time to put on the heater, the air vents need to be cleaned. Dusty air vents can increase your bill and make you sick. Just grab a butter knife, rag and some cleaner to get between those hard to reach spaces.

Pet owners, as much as you love your little friend, you hate the leftover hair. A rubber squeegee works well to get to those hairy headaches. This list of 25 hacks will sure to make your least favorite chore, simpler.

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