These Mom Hacks Will Forever Change The Way You Shop

These Mom Hacks Will Forever Change The Way You Shop

Angela Markus

Grocery shopping is one of those necessary evils. It is something we must do, otherwise, how else would we eat? When we have no choice but to bring the kids along with us, we are easily reminded that they just don’t have the same amount of patience like parents have. Not to mention, logging the kids and carrying a cart full of groceries is no easy task. But What’s  Up Moms has some much-needed tips to help alleviate the stress of the errand, so you and your little one could enjoy your next trip to the grocery store.

Some grocery stores have been progressive with their thoughts on providing car parking spots for moms, but most haven’t. Don’t worry, the best spots are those that are closest to the return cart lane. It provides easy handling of both baby and groceries.

Pool noodles are very useful in an around the home. In this capacity, it can double as a safety bar for shopping carts that will both help with germs and provide a cushion. Most groceries have the same layout, so knowing the layout and sticking to the perimeter will help prevent those “I want that snack,” episodes during the “kid meltdown zone.”

More tips include utilizing the butcher and using the plastic baggies to declog your cart. Also, a twist tie can create a learning experience for your toddler that will keep them entertained while you shop. And to prevent snack spills, some food jewelry will sure do the trick.

The best advice, however, involves loading the groceries from the car to inside the home. Use a laundry basket to prevent worn out hands. The tips also include ways to help organize your fridge. Like, utilizing a bin for those items that need to be eaten sooner rather than later.

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