This Cat Loves Playing Games With His Best Friend– This Window Washer!

This Cat Loves Playing Games With His Best Friend– This Window Washer!

Angela Markus

Usually when I hear news about window washers, it has something to do with rescue efforts. It may be something that hundreds do every day in New York City, but don’t let the routine-ness of it fool you. It is dangerous business working that high up in the air. But who knew that a window washer’s job could have such delightful perks?

I’m always curious about the window washers I see hanging from the apartment buildings in any neighborhood. It seems as though they have a front row seat into whichever apartment window they’re cleaning. God only knows how many strange and otherwise private moments they have been privy to.

Then again, sometimes, they might just have the pleasure of playing with one of the world’s friendliest cats. That’s exactly what happens in this adorable interaction 20 stories high. Guinness, the cat, loves when his window washer pal visits his apartment. The friendly man always greets Guinness and keeps him entertained for a few minutes.

While working, he indulges Guinness with mesmerizing soapy designs. Something that the cat seems to go crazy for. Then it is off to clean more windows. Much to the amusement of the owner, I am sure Guinness looks forward to this play date.

Have you ever caught your cat doing anything quirky like this?

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