This Father-Daughter Duet of The Beatles’ Revolution is Amazing!

This Father-Daughter Duet of The Beatles’ Revolution is Amazing!

Angela Markus

This cover of the Beatles’ Revolution showcases a beautiful bond between a father and his daughter.

This video illustrates that strong bond through the art form of acoustic music. Watch Dad as he jams away on guitar while his daughter serenades us with her spectacular voice. In his popular YouTube channel, Robebouch, he describes himself as amateur fingerstyle guitarist who loves to cover songs from his favorite guitarists. When you see this cover, it’ll all make sense.

Music runs in this family. His daughter, too, plays the guitar with the same passion as her dad. But for this song, we simply get to enjoy her beautiful voice.

The 1968 song sung by the Beatles was written by John Lennon with two versions recorded. One version was hard rock, and the other had a more blues-type feel. The father-daughter duo’s rendition resembles the latter. She seems to embody that time and sensation with both her look and raspy, majestic voice.

With all of the less-than-talented musicians on the radio we hear daily, it’s refreshing to know there is raw talent somewhere out there on YouTube!

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