This Is How Their Dogs Wake Them Up. Look Familiar?

This Is How Their Dogs Wake Them Up. Look Familiar?

Angela Markus

Those last few minutes of sleep before the alarm goes off are a treasured sanctuary. That is where we may hide in our dreams before the reality of the world interrupts. Few dog owners appreciate their canine pals robbing them of those golden moments. But some dogs seem to have an uncanny knack for anticipating the alarm by 15 or 20 minutes and manage to routinely do just that.

The compilation shows all the different ways that dogs wake up their humans. It’s amusingly adorable, but it will make you cringe (and smile at the same time) at the thought of your own pooch waking you up in their own special way. We can all be a bit guilty of hitting the snooze button some mornings, but when your alarm clock is replaced by a furry pet, it can be harder to ignore.

These dog alarm clocks are filled with enthusiasm. Some pummel their owners who had, up until that moment, been sleeping peacefully. Despite their owners’ cries, the dogs determinedly remind the owners that it is time to rise and shine. One owner tries his best to ignore his furry alarm clock by curling up with a pillow to protect him, but the dog is persistent. Watch and enjoy!

Do you have dog alarm clocks?

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