This No-Heat, Easy Overnight Curls Tip Is a Girl’s Dream Come True!

This No-Heat, Easy Overnight Curls Tip Is a Girl’s Dream Come True!

Angela Markus

Ellko created waves on the Internet recently with her awesome Coca-Cola Hair Rinse technique. Now she is back with an unbelievably easy way to create natural, bouncy waves, and the best part about it is, no heating tools are required! All that is needed to obtain these gorgeous curls is your favorite hairspray, a few hair pins, a hair tie, and a good night’s rest. It’s that simple! 

On the night before, she lightly wets her fingers with water to moisten her hair. She then parts her hair the way she would if she were to use a curling iron, and tightly twists small sections. After she holds the twisted sections into a loose bun, she continues twisting her entire head, holding all of the sections together.

For tighter curls, she wraps smaller sections, and for larger curls, she twists larger sections. When she is finished, she uses a hair tie to hold in twists in place and then uses hair pins to tuck in loose hair.

Next, she applies a liberal amount of hairspray, and then it was off to bed. The next morning, she unravels the twists, pins first followed by hair twist and passes her fingers through the twists to unveil the luck.

Lastly, she does another round of hair spray, flips her hair over and scrunch it up and BAM! A head full of gorgeous, natural waves! We’re in awe! 

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