This Gorgeous Tie-Dye Hair Trend Is The Latest Style You’ll Want To Try

This Gorgeous Tie-Dye Hair Trend Is The Latest Style You’ll Want To Try

Angela Markus

If you’re in the market for a colorful new hairdo, we have a suggestion. Rose Weitz, a women and gender studies professor at Arizona State University writes that hair color we choose “becomes a sign of our identity.” The way we present ourselves to the world can say a lot about our personalities, and nothing says bold and strong like tie-dye hair.

While the colorful look works best on lightened hair, Louisiana-based hairstylist, Rickey Zito, shared the useful new style, showing us how to perfect the swirl of colors in several easy steps.

First, Rickey pre-lightens the hair to a level 10 with Pure Light Power Lightener. Next, he sections the dry hair into 2-inch by 4-inch blocks. After which he secures each block with an elastic hair band at the base of the section. He ties pieces of cloth over the elastic hair band. This will prevent this portion of the hair to remain uncovered. He then mixes the color—orange, purple, yellow, lime green, pink, teal, and red.

He applies one to two colors in each section. Rickey suggests when using two colors ensure to blend lightly where they meet. He then rinses thoroughly, blow-dries and styles.

This look is so festive and fierce; it is great for spicing up that look you have been wanting to change. Sorry, brunettes, this look only works best on lightened hair.

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