Tie Your Shoes in 2 Seconds With This Easy Trick

Tie Your Shoes in 2 Seconds With This Easy Trick

Angela Markus

While most people tie their shoes the way they were taught as children, there’s an even quicker way to get the job done. This trick is especially helpful if you have any children at home who are now learning how to tie their shoes. As we know, some kids struggle, but this is sure to make them a star at tying their laces!

YouTube channel Handimania is known for their convenient DIYs and tips. Here they show us a 2-second 2 step method for tying your shoelaces. The first step is to start the process the way you usually would. Next, using your pinky fingers, hold the laces in both hands. Bring your thumb and pointer fingers close together and wrap one lace over the thumb, and another under the thumb.

Grab the opposite side loop and pull the laces tightly through. It’s that simple!

This trick is also great for the little ones to learn as well, but they may be better off just watching the 2-second tutorial.

Are you going to start tying your shoes this way?

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