This Tiny Camper Is Homemade And Completely Customizable!

Tiny Camper

This Tiny Camper Is Homemade And Completely Customizable!

Ashley Rego


I’ve always thought about succumbing to my lifelong dream of jumping into an RV and hitting the open road, leaving everything I’ve ever known behind me. But then reality kicks in and I remember, “Oh wait, I have a job, a family and plenty of other obligations that I could never leave. And let’s be honest, I could NEVER afford one of those crazy, expensive recreational vehicles anyway!”

But when I stumbled across this little gem of a trailer, that untouchable dream seemed to become a bit more within my reach. With this less expensive (and much smaller) option, I wouldn’t need to pack up my life and commit to the road. In fact, I could just attach this adorable camper to the back of my car, whenever my travel bug strikes, and take a short hiatus from life (instead of a permanent one!).

Now, don’t let it’s tiny exterior fool you. This little camper is surprisingly functional…and not to mention super cute! If the vintage inspired surface has already got you hooked, just wait till you step inside…


Sure, it’s a bit compact. So small, in fact, you can fit it in a tent!


But not small enough where you can’t fit the essentials!


And if you need a little extra space inside, just pull out those removable cubes…then take a seat and check out those views!


Or enjoy a nice lounge around the fire.


But no matter where your travels take you, just hitch this tiny camper on to the back of your car and off you go – it really is as simple as that!


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