Her House Looks Tiny on The Outside. But The Inside Has Everything You Need and Then Some!

Her House Looks Tiny on The Outside. But The Inside Has Everything You Need and Then Some!

Angela Markus

After seeing the amazing construction of tiny homes, Elaine Walker sold her large house for a tiny place of her own. Settling on the Sacramento River in California, her love for small homes grew. Now, that passion has been passed down to her daughter who now occupies a gorgeous tiny home too.

This home looks tiny on the outside, but don’t be fooled! This house is sustainable and efficient. Emily gives us a tour of its entirety and it’s amazing!

The tiny porch is two feet wide by eight feet long. The porch is not only used for sheltering on a rainy day, but for storage of her dog’s food bowls, and a table for a hot plate or toaster oven for outdoor cooking.

Upon entry into the home, there is a kitchen. Neatly in the corner, there is a mini fridge, fully stocked, a microwave accompanied by a pantry with dried food, cooking utensils, and even cookbooks. The sink is pretty huge for such a small house, but Emily admits it has been quite helpful.

On the opposite side of the kitchen, there is storage space. The tour takes us to a bedroom which is the size of a twin-size bed that is rightly used as a closet completed with more storage space and a shoe rack.

The house has a bathroom completed with all of the essentials as a bathroom in a huge house. In the main living area, there is a make-shift stool book case, used for storing stuff or as stools. There is a fold away table that can be used as a desk.

Next we go to the elevated loft which is reached by a ladder. A full size bed is comfortably stowed. The house is neatly set in a RV park and Emily admits that her favorite part of her tiny home is her million-dollar view. Do you blame her?

Can you live in something as small as this home?
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