Make a Pond Out of A Tire, Right in Your Own Backyard!

Make a Pond Out of A Tire, Right in Your Own Backyard!

Erika Carter

Have you ever wished you had your very own backyard oasis? Maybe a pool, a few lounge chairs underneath some shade or a tranquil pond? If peace and tranquility is what you long for then a pond in your backyard is exactly what you need!

But putting a pond in your backyard isn’t exactly easy. Not only can it be very expensive, but it can take a good amount of time! Lucky for you, there’s an easy way to work around this problem. You can make a pond in your backyard using a tire and just a few tools!

For this DIY project, courtesy our friends over at Faithtap, all you’re going to need are:

  • Old car or tractor tire
  • Garden foil, which you can find in a garden center
  • Different sized rocks
  • Sand and gravel
  • Pond filter
  • Plants
  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Scroll saw

So, let’s get started!

1. Round up a tire or two depending on how big or small you want your pond. You can do one tire for a small pond, two or three for a water garden or a tractor tire to make a big pond.


2. Stake out the perfect spot in your backyard where you want your pond to be. Measure the tire and the area where you want the tire to go. Then, according to those measurements, dig a hole that’s deep enough to fit the tire and some sand underneath it. Fill the hole that you dug with sand, then use a level to make sure the tire will lay flat on top of it. 



3. Using a scroll saw, carefully cut the top of the tire off. This will make the pond wider. 



4. Clean out the inside of the tire and get rid of any pebbles or objects that might be in there.



5. Cover the tire with garden foil or a tarp. You can have different levels to your pond by keeping one tire above ground if you want. 



6. Place larger stones around the foil, helping it stay in place while giving it style.



7. Fill your new pond with water and add some plants around it to give it the look and feel of your choice.



8. Add a water filter to keep the water circulating, which ultimately helps keep the mosquitos away. Not to mention the fact that it gives you that soothing sound! 



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