Give An Old Tire A New Purpose With These 8 Creative Projects

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Give An Old Tire A New Purpose With These 8 Creative Projects

Bethany Burrows

Have you ever seen an old tire by the side of the road, begging to be picked up and re-purposed? Well I have!

I had no idea that there were so many DIY projects that you could do to give an old sad tire a new life! From chairs to sandboxes, tires are a fun way to recycle and create something new.

Some projects only require a coat of paint and others need some serious power tools but if you’re up to the challenge than you should give them a try!

After seeing these creatively crafty projects you’ll never pass up a free tire again!

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These homemade rocker toys with give your kids hours of enjoyment and the fact that they’re painted like a lady bug and a bee is just a bonus!

DSC_0179 (1)

A tire, pool noodle and some sand are the only things you need to create a sandbox all neighbors will envy!


This is the luckiest dog on the block. Her up-cycled tire bed is the perfect place for naps!


An old bike tire got new life when it was turned into a beautiful mirror. Yes please!


A coat of paint and some flowers turned this sad tire into a pretty planter.


Spruce up your outdoor seating arrangement by turning two tires into a table.


Your kids will fall in love with these terrific tire tea cups!


Sit down and relax on a tire turned chair!


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