Toddler Puts On Mom’s Heels and Dances To ‘All The Single Ladies’

Toddler Puts On Mom’s Heels and Dances To ‘All The Single Ladies’

Angela Markus

When Beyonce dropped her Single Ladies hit song and epic video, we were all in awe. This little superstar may not understand just who this iconic singer is yet, but she is undoubtedly enthralled by her those amazing dance moves. So much so, she borrows mom’s very high heels and kills the famous dance routine.

There have been many who have tried it. Some have failed, and others have succeeded, but I do not think we have seen anything quite like this little girl. Standing in front of the television while the Texan-born singer blasts out her hit record, she struts her stuff effortlessly.

She begins by giving a quick twist before moving closer to the television to study the exact steps in more detail. Showing an unnerving confidence in those platform heels that are at least six inches off the ground, her execution is adorable. And I can’t forget to mention that glamorous onesie that seems quite fitting.

As she swings from side to side, there are some heart-in-the-mouth moments where it appears the over-sized footwear might be her downfall, but balance is maintained. When Beyonce does the ‘you should have put a ring on it,’ move, her Sasha Fierce twin emulates to perfection.

How cute is she?

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