This 2-Year-Old Little Girl Immitating Adele Singing ‘Hello’ Will Make Your Day

This 2-Year-Old Little Girl Immitating Adele Singing ‘Hello’ Will Make Your Day

Jamaica Bravo

By now, you have surely heard Adele’s hit song “Hello” at least a thousand times. The song became an instant favorite for millions of people across the world, from the moment it first debuted. It plays on every radio station, every third song or so, and even little children have become obsessed with the catchy tune and heartfelt lyrics.

Take for example, this precious blonde two-year-old, who may not be old enough to sing the actual words yet, but clearly recognizes the song the second it begins to play on her mom’s car stereo.

Apparently, you don’t even have to be able to speak yet in order to fall in love with this song. The adorable little girl is immediately overcome with the need to lip sync singing her heart out to the chorus. Her impression is precious enough to steal the spotlight from all the rest of the popular renditions of the song that have swept the internet.

Say “Hello” to two-year-old Bexlee Mariel as she gives her best impersonation of Adele in the back seat of her mom’s minivan. Her entire face lights up as she is overcome with the urge to pretend to belt out her favorite parts of the song. We love that the only words to the song she can actually voice is the word “you”. The way she points at her mom as she says it is oh-so cute.

And we love the head bobbing dance she does as well. So cute!

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