Adorable Toddler Sings “Deck The Halls” With Mom

Adorable Toddler Sings “Deck The Halls” With Mom

Angela Markus

There is nothing sweeter than capturing a baby’s milestone, whether it be the first time their baby laughs, walks or dances. Hearing a toddler belt out his first Christmas Carol is just as thrilling.

This adorable little guy is celebrating Christmas, and he wants to share his caroling notes. He is handsomely dressed in his shirt and sweater vest sitting on his mother’s lap. We are very grateful that mom decided to record this little man getting into the Christmas spirit by helping him sing “Deck the Halls.”

In the short clip, mom starts singing the carol and when it comes to the chorus, the adorable baby chimes in. In his unique baby talk, he sounds like he is saying “Fa La La La La.” How precious! The movements he makes with his mouth is beyond hilarious.

In his mind, he is clearly singing along with mom. She gushes over his singing, and is quite amazed. So are we! He is the most amazing thing. If you are able to withstand the mesmerizing nature of his chords, you might just get caught in the trance of his big brown eyes.

This little one has a singing career ahead of him!

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