Toddler Sings ‘You Are My Sunshine’ With Mom

Toddler Sings ‘You Are My Sunshine’ With Mom

Angela Markus

This little lady may be small, but her voice sure isn’t. Videos with little children have a tendency to go viral, and you are about to see why. It might have something to do with their ability to mesmerize us with their small but large amounts of awesome adorableness. This baby doubles up with her version of ‘You Are My Sunshine.’

The proud mother captures her toddler singing an incredibly delightful version of the lullaby. If you need a heart-warming moment in your day, look no further! All little babies have the capabilities to wow us with their high level of cuteness. This little girl wows!

There is nothing like a mama singing the famed tune to soothe the little one.  When any baby fusses, one line of that song hypothesizes them so much so that they almost immediately calms. If you keep the song going for as long as possible, then it is lights out—this is one of the best soothing methods.

Little kids are so smart that after hearing the song hundreds of times, they pick up on the lyrics until they are singing it themselves. We can tell, this is one of her favorite songs.

Not sure of her level of talking yet, but she sure is singing. So cute! 

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