Tom Hanks Would Like To Return a Student’s Lost ID

Tom Hanks Would Like To Return a Student’s Lost ID

Jamaica Bravo

Though most celebrities use their fame to further their own careers, Tom Hanks prefers to use his to serve the greater good. While in New York working on his new movie, “Bridge of Spies”, Hanks came across a Fordham University’s lost ID in a nearby city park.

Knowing how important student IDs are for accessing services on college campuses, the actor didn’t want to just leave it in the grass for someone else to come by and steal, so he picked it up and posted a picture on Twitter.

We know Hanks has plenty of other things to do in his spare time, so along with the rest of the internet, we’ve decided we’d like to help him find her. Since the actor didn’t want any creepy stalkers to be able to hunt down the girl, he made sure to cover up her last name in the photo, so all we know about her is that she’s a brunette, her name is Lauren and that she currently goes to Fordham University.

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There have been some retweets… “Lauren, where you at?”

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But he still needs your help! We ask that anyone who might know her, direct her to follow Tom Hanks on Twitter so that she can get her ID back from the actor. In the Tweet, Hanks leaves instructions for anyone who knows Lauren to contact his office so that the two can get in touch.

We wish them both the best of luck!

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