Create A Beautiful DIY Tomato Flower

Tomato Flower

Create A Beautiful DIY Tomato Flower

Erika Carter

Have you ever wondered how they make those beautiful tomato flowers? You know the ones, you see them on the buffet tables all the time? They’re beautiful, almost like a work of art.

Well, to accomplish this you just need a few simple things:

A sharp paring knife, cutting board or other flat surface and a medium sized tomato.

The key to successfully learning how to make a tomato rose is by using the right tool. A sharp paring knife is essential, as it allows you to control the depth and direction of your cuts. A dull blade will make it virtually impossible to create a pretty tomato flower.

You make your cuts diagonally. You cut into the tomato, about 2.5 inches down, all around in a “V” pattern. When that is done, you pull the pieces apart and there’s a beautiful rose. You can enhance this by cutting down a little further. It almost looks like a rose sitting on a lily pad. Even further, you can cut the skin and it enhances the beauty of the flower.

Generally, I would buy vine ripened tomatoes because they seem to be a prettier shade of red and of a good size. But wouldn’t this be beautiful to have a sea of tomato flowers made out of heirloom tomatoes, in many sizes and colors. And, of course, they would be delicious.

If it is true that we eat with our eyes first, then this would be a virtual feast.

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