This Commercial For a Toy Gun From The 1960s Will Make You Do a Double-Take!

This Commercial For a Toy Gun From The 1960s Will Make You Do a Double-Take!

Erika Carter

Ask anyone who grew up in the 1960s or 70s what it was like in that time and they’ll all probably have similar answers. “Those were the good old days … Things were different back then … Things were safer and people didn’t sweat the small stuff like they do now.”

Whenever I talk to my mom or grandma about what’s going on in society in this day and age, they always seem to have a strong opinion about the direction things are going. So, when I stumbled across this commercial for a toy gun from the 1960s I couldn’t help but wonder, would this toy even be allowed to sell nowadays?

This 1964 commercial for a Johnny Seven OMA (One Man Army) by Deluxe Reading is so realistic looking I had to do a double take! This commercial shows a group of little boys, decked out in army gear, ‘playing war’ with each other.

The commercial describes all the functions the gun can do, while the kids are launching fake grenades at each other and unleashing rounds from a Tommy gun. This toy looks way different than any toy gun I see on shelves these days.

While I understand the issue of gun violence is a very realistic problem in our world today — I must say, it must’ve been pretty fun to play with one of those things as a kid!

So, what do YOU think? Do you think something like this 1964 Johnny Seven OMA would ever be allowed to sell today? Do you remember toys like this from the 60s?

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