These 6-Year-Old’s Trick Shots Will AMAZE You!

These 6-Year-Old’s Trick Shots Will AMAZE You!

Angela Markus

We’ve seen plenty of videos with amazing tricks, but we’ve struck cuteness-gold with this one! Award-winning creative director Rhett Dashwood and his six-year old beauty record a series of trick shots that’ll have you asking, how can she do that?! 

The adorable star of her diary channel sits at the table with her back turned to a yellow bowl behind her. She throws an object behind her and boom! It lands right in the hole. Crazy, right? Keep watching.

Riley completes the first trick with a paper towel roll. She drops it sideways, and you guessed it, it lands lengthways. Sitting on the floor of her living room, she throws a ball behind her and it lands perfectly into the bowl. Sitting at the kitchen table, she bangs on two spoons, one lands perfectly in the cup. This kid’s trick shots are unstoppable. There’s more…

With her back to the fridge, she manages to throw the milk carton over her shoulder and into the refrigerator door. She does the same thing with a DVD into the DVD player. She even manages to make the toothbrush land in the cup on the bathroom sink. Wow!

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