Parents Kept Their Triplets A Secret … Until NOW!

Gender Reveal

Parents Kept Their Triplets A Secret … Until NOW!

Erika Carter

After struggling with infertility for years, this family was finally pregnant with twins and getting ready to announce the gender of their babies to family and friends.

On the special day of the reveal, family and friends gathered together and mingled amongst each other, took pictures and marked their votes on a blackboard to guess the gender of the twins that the couple would be having.

When it was time for the reveal everyone gathered around the expectant mother and father as they began to open the boxes containing the answer.

They opened the first box and out flew blue balloons. They opened the second box and more blue balloons flew out! The look on everyones face was of pure joy, but little did they know that mom and dad had one more surprise for them. 

These parents couldn’t have looked happier but it turns out they had another secret up their sleeve! Dad turned to their family and friends and announced that they were actually having TRIPLETS and there would be one more gender reveal! One of their friends wheeled out a third box, which to everyone’s surprise, contained PINK balloons! This lucky couple would soon be parents to two boys and a girl!

Their family and friends were shocked by the news but could hardly contain their excitement for the parents-to-be!

This precious moment was captured on camera and a moment they will never forget. SHARE the love and pass it on!